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Hi, I posted yesterday, and told everyone I wanted to share my experiences with you. I have to admit that I like to masturbate - there's nothing like a straw old days! LOL! tube2011 It took me a gift, while for me and really play with me. I do not know if the sex just because my inhibitions or always satisfied with mine. However, I must admit that now 'a good straw', and I am happy to admit the fact. For me, a nice meeting Schlemmerinfo car includes a couple of things. A good dildo, tube2011 the healthy portions (10 'long and beautiful and fat) I like the feeling of stretching my pussy and tube2011 then enjoy, well filled, a mirror is another -. I love being able to see, my pussy is full. my favorite position is to be seen squatting on my dildo and power, fill my pussy Some people say that women are not visually sex and it was more a mental Thiong raised with them but not for me I love being -.. canto see what happens down there. going to get before a large mirror on his knees and then slowly back to my own company, ' rubber - friend. ' I love to see some of my lips and watch it disappear on me. It feels so good filled my pussy. Needless to say, then I play with my nipples and rub my Clitty the same time. The big problem is that I have only two hands - in the ideal case, three would be great. After my two nipples while Clitty pleased that feels much better. There are times that if everything hot has a finger in the ass or better yet, a butt plug pleasure more enjoyable. I must admit that some idiots best when buried a butt plug in her ass as I rub my clit furiously to have. My husband seems to like to do it safely. Although usually when you go, which I like - the truth I can not go more than a week without telling me to come, though they have hAd -sex. Masturbation is definitely a pleasure I do not think it should be denied. masturbate One of my best was when my husband was traveling for a few weeks on a business trip and told some very good friends that tube2011 I'm getting a little frustrated in the sense that I was missing out on sex. They beat me, I should have a straw in place. I explained that there is no problem in this department, and I tube2011 was sure to tube2011 take care of me. We drank a bit, maybe bottles of wine and had consumed about masturbation techniques. I told them that I tube2011 sit in front of a mirror, rubbing my Clitty and pinch my nipples as I am happy to come. I left the butt plug ! I told them that I find frustrating is not worry, both my nipples and clitoris at the same time. It was then suggested that both could help me. 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Do not take me long to feel the pulse of his cock and throbbing - I knew it would come just a load of buckshot in me. I have nothing to worry about, since I already knew that he had ' cut '. It felt so good and I did not use any guilt just my freinds cock husbands. I turned around and while they are still pleased with my dildo that stretched over and started licking my pussy. She buried her tongue as deep as she could and licked and sucked their husbands come to me. I must admit that this is the best I've had straw. My husband seemed quite enjoy it when I told on him after his return from the economy. B.
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